Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Nathan!!!

My baby is now 5 years old. Where has all the time gone? I think the most eventful birthday was his first. That is when Hurricane Isabel paid a vist to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and he got mad because we wouldn't let him play in the flooded parking lot. Now he loves going to pre-school and plays somewhat nicely with his baby brother.

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sunneshine said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!!

I love the train cake - reminds me of my birthdays as a child - smile!

kasiaiscarly said...

A-ha! I have decided you must be my pal :) (As you can see from my blog I stalked trying to find my SP11). I wasn't really stalking on this one, since the group is so small, but I stumbled here anyway :) We weren't here for Isabel but people talk about it a lot and we have a leaning tree in our yard from it!

Leeanne said...

Happy Birthday to your little man. Looks like a yummy cake, too nice to cut. My youngest is 7 on wednesday, it goes too fast.