Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sock-it-to-me Sunday

More progess has been made on the "dream" socks. All that is left is the toe section and I can start on sock #2. The Jaywalker has a complete gusset and I will be starting on the leg this week. It may not seem like much but the boys have been driving me crazy all week long. Nicholas has discovered that he can turn off the power strip which the compter is plugged into. Amazingly, both the boys play well together when they are not tearing the cushions of the sofa.

The next dishcloth exchange will open up for registration on September 1st and close on September 8th at midnight EST. See you there!!!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I have a friend who would love the sock on the right, while I'm a fan of the sock on the left. Congratulations on getting so far, so quickly! The to section is my favorite when it comes to knitting socks. It's quick, fun, means I'm closed to finished, and I love to kitchener stitch. :)

Again, great job, can't wait to see them finished!

- Lady Laneus
Your SP11

sunneshine said...

Oh, the dream sock is so beautiful!! Your socks are inspirational!

Anonymous said...

Hey! It is your Knit 1, Tea 2 Pal again! The socks are beautiful!

I've already started collecting some items. Who knows, I may send it out in the next week or so.

But I'm not going to tell!

knitphomaniac said...

wow! what great socks!