Monday, August 06, 2007

The Dog Days of Summer

Today was a good mail day. My package from the "Dog Days of Summer" swap arrived. This great package came from Paula of Basset Knitter. Even little Nicholas received something in the form of an adorable bib. He gets a tad messy at meal times. And I loved how she totally got my love for lavender. There is the lavender soap, candle, and dried lavender flowers from her own garden. I have every intention of planting a lavender bush in the back yard. I love the yarn she picked out for me. It's Louet Sales 100% Wet Spun long linen. The color is Pink Panther. I have always wanted to try to knit with linen yarn. The doggie measuring tape will come in handy and of course chocolate is always good. So a big thank you to Paula.

1 Daffodils planted:

Paula said...

I am so glad you liked everything!
It was a really fun swap!