Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday er.. Sunday Sky

Yesterday was a dreary day so no Saturday sky picture. Of course today was much better. It always seems to work out that way. But hopefully we should be leaving the rainy season behind us and have sunny days ahead.

I did manage to finish these lovely socks for my downstream Sockret Pal. I hope they fit her as they are the first pair of socks I have made for someone that I wasn't related to. She should like the color as purple is her favorite. On the other hand, I have not heard from my upstream pal in quite awhile so I am wondering if I have been forgotten. *sad face* The Martini Sock Blockers came from Scout's Swag and were part of my birthday gift. *yeah*

But for some good news, this cool package came from my upstream Punk Rock Gift Exchange pal. She has also sent me a knitting mystery on CD. Well, the first part of three parts. And it is really good. I can hardly wait for the next part. I have my package ready to go to my downstream pal. The fun part will be going to the post office with two small boys. It will be easier once Nathan is back in school. They are on a two week break.

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It's scary how many times I see posts on SAM 3 on other blogs!

Lacey said...

What is the yarn you used in the purple socks? It looks like some yarn I purchased off of Ebay and want more of it. If you've found a person with similar colors I may be able to get it again. Thanks!
Beautiful socks by the way. :D

Angela Marie said...

Thanks!!! The socks were knit with Koigu P217. I picked it up from one of the local yarns stores in Lake Oswego, Oregon.