Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hot Sock Swap

This awesome package for the Hot Sock Swap (Townsend Socks Knit A Long) from Karen arrived all the way from Alaska. All I can say is that I love every single item in it. I have already put my DPNs in the holder. I haven't tried the chocolate yet but that will happen sometime soon. But look at all the goodies!!!

1 ball of turquoise Opal sock yarn (my first)
1 DPN holder (they are already in there - finally all in one spot)
1 bar of Dagoba organic chocolate
2 sock patterns from Fiber Trends
1 kit for a felted coin purse (will come in handy)
1 measuring tape (always handy)
1 lil sockie
assorted tea flavors
stitch markers & row counter
some Lavender smelling spa foot cream (I love lavender)
notecards from Alaska notes (very cute pictures)

Here is my first try at jewelry making. Okay so I cheated a lil and got a kit from Joanns. It had everything in it except the chain. That I bought separately and I still have about 8 inches left. My next project will be a bracelet for me.

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Heide said...

Hello Angela, I stumbled across your blog via Scout. The necklace looks beautiful. I just moved down to the Portland area (just north of Vancouver actually) and I love it here! So far I've been to two different yarn stores in Portland, but I hear there are many more. We have just a light smattering of snow this morning. Not enough to close the schools, just enough to make driving hazardous and annoying on the sideroads and hills. Hope to stumble across you in the blogosphere or maybe even fiber shopping!

Angela Marie said...

Thanks!!! I've only been to one shop in Portland - the Naked Sheep on Killingsworth. But I have been to Molehill Farm in Lake Oswego and All About Yarn in Tigard. Molehill Farm is the closest to where I live. Since that necklace, I have made one more and two pairs of earrings. Plus I am working on cute stitch markers.