Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Progress pictures and more

Here is a picture of the scarf that I received for the Funky Scarf Swap hosted by the very talented Scout. It came all the way from Maryland made by Kathy. I love the sparkly yarns that she picked and I really love the color.

This is a picture of a crocheted doily that I completed not too long ago. I have been crocheting since high school and saw no reason to stop just because I started knitting. Some things I prefer to crochet and doilies happen to be one of them. This one didn't take too long and was made with size 10 crochet thread and a size 7 crochet hook. It was the featured pattern one day at the Annie's Attic site. It is called the Prairie Star Doily and can be found at

Here is my progress on my BBS (big black socks) for the Socks For Soldiers group. It may not seem like much but I am trying to get a pair done by the end of the month.I love how the sock is coming out though.
One Maple Leaf sock complete and the cuff on the second one completed as well. I carried the maple leaf pattern down the instep of the sock instead of just on the leg. I think when I make another pair of these socks I will be changing the cuff to a K2, P2 instead of using the K3, P3 as stated in the pattern. Other than that, I love how they are coming out and can hardly wait to wear them.
My first pair of mittens is the Hermione's cable-and-bobble mittens. The left mitten went by much faster once I remembered how to do cables without a cable needle. Hope to have the second one done shortly. I just began the thumb gussett. For this pair, I used Cascade 220 in Aran which I dyed with Kool-Aid.

And here I am preparing for Halloween.

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