Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday Sky and more...

You gotta love days like this. Today was another beautiful day here in Tualatin so we (the hubby and I) took the lil terrors (Nathan and Nicholas) out for a bike ride. One thing I noticed about the city of Tualatin is there are alot of bike trails. So we plan on taking the lil ones out on rides until the rains start this winter. We get in some family time and it helps me drop the extra baby weight I still have to lose from having Nicholas.

Here is a self portrait from 3 year old Nathan. He will be 4 this month on the 17th. Looks like he got ahold of the camera and just started pushing the buttons. On the knitting side, I actually finished a Clapotis Cap for me and have started the Clapotis scarf. I just have to take a picture. Plus I have some socks in the making - a pair of Maple Leaf socks and some Big Black Socks for Socks for Soldiers. The black socks are taking longer since they are done on size 1 needles. Plus I caved in to my intense desire for some of Scout's handpainted sock yarn and placed an order for her Appletini colorway. Can hardly wait till it arrives. I already know which socks I am gonna knit up.

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